How to the Change Wix Template of Your Website

At times, you may have created your website and just feel you don’t want to have the same template or the theme anymore. Well, great templates not only attract people to your website, but are also a great way of creating structure and changing the feel of your website. Apparently, with Wix website, you can easily change how you want your website to look; all it takes is following these easy steps. View Magento theme

You first need to save the contents of the current website that you want to change and rename it so that you can transfer the contents to the newly created template.

First, you need to log into your current account, click on the template tabs, and proceed by clicking on the change template menu tab for the site you intend to change. Make sure you are changing the template for the relevant website. Be sure to make use of the options to check for the templates that suit the aim of your website, a blog template for example.

Secondly, after you have selected the site, go to the menu and select any of the following;

Under the template screenshot, you are likely to find a demo link which, when clicked, can help you view the most popular featured demo sites of different templates. From the template gallery tab, choose your new template and click Select.

After selecting a template, a new menu appears to help you choose whether to install the template when blank or with sample data. When you choose the full sample data option, the structure, images, and articles on your website will automatically be changed to resemble the exact look in the demo. You can, at anytime, change this. By choosing a blank template, you will be required to create your own site structure and images from scratch. Ecommerce business

If you want to restore your previous data to your website and protect it from being lost, it’s always recommended to install the blank version of the new template created.


You’re free to choose the preferable color for your template and once done, click apply. Well, you will have a new template installed. Finally, You will have a have a new website look.

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